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Welsh Da God interview with the Edwards Twins



Welsh Da God :How are you ladies ? What are y’all names ?

Edwards Twins :Hey we’re good ! Riva and Randa

Welsh Da God : Where you guys originally from ? Where are you based out of now?

Edwards Twins :We are originally from Riverside California but grew up in Tucson Arizona , riva is currently in chapel hill nc and Randa is in New Orleans la.

Welsh Da God :You guys are twins so who came out first ? Who’s the oldest ? Lol

Edwards Twins :Randa came out first she’s 15 mins older than me

Welsh Da God :So are you the head person dealing with career moves ?

Edwards Twins :Umm if it was like 4 years ago we would say riva lol because she was always shopping us around to new photographers and just getting us exposure , but now we would say both of us , we each have a role in achieving our goals

Welsh Da God :Ok ok sounds good see you ladies work a lot together obviously lol is this something you guys always wanted to do? Model ?

Edwards Twins :We’ve always wanted to entertain we’ve either sang together or danced ….. but we just fell in love with modeling about 5 years ago

Welsh Da God :What do your categorize your self as ? Plus size models or just models?

Edwards Twins :PLUS SIZE models !! But we look at it as We’re just having fun and taking pictures embracing ours curves and showing off our confidence in every pic

Welsh Da God :Do you have problem with people labeling plus size models as That? Or your ok with the term plus size models?

Edwards Twins :Absolutely not ! before it seemed like a death sentence lol but now we could care less how people feel.

Welsh Da God :What’s the most accomplish work you guys have done thus far?

Edwards Twins :We have been featured in a few magazines and since we travel we’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of photographers across the country ..but honestly the biggest thing thus far would be how comfortable we’ve become with our size ! And just not caring what people say !!

Welsh Da God :Have you ever been feature in any rappers video or been invite to major modeling shows?

Edwards Twins: We haven’t done a lot of shows because we felt like were to short lol we did maybe 7 runway shows and then were like umm maybe we should switch it up lol but we never went the “video vixen” route we just don’t want that for our image

Welsh Da God :What’s the next step for you ladies? What you plan on happening this year for you guys ?

Edwards Twins :We have a few things we’re working on that we can’t really speak about lol but we’re planning on doing a YouTube channel (finally lol) we have a few shoots set up with photographers up north

Welsh Da God :Where can the people find you guys on the social media platform ?

Edwards Twins :You can find us on ig at @just_randa and @iamlinc_linc

Welsh Da God :Thanks for kicking it wish you ladies well and continue to grind and prosper in this entertainment business!

Interview Conducted By Welsh Da God follow @welsh_ci

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