I-I Fetti | Demonic Demons (Music Video) [Shot by @Mookiemadface]

With all the madness going on in the world, the homie I-I Fetti really staying Heavy with the sauce! One of the hottest new artists on the rise coming out of New York right now. This another banger right here. He’s been putting out heat seekers back to back. Not even gonna lie, he applying some pressurešŸ”„! Seen behind the scenes footage on IG of him shooting this video. He was in his bag on this. I-I Fetti be talking spicy on this tracksšŸ”„šŸ—£!

I been playing it all week. One of my favorite new joints out right now. As I said before, he really got his own sauce with music. He make every joint his. You hear the hunger in this voice. I-I Fetti on they necks with all this heat he been dropping lately. He definitely gonna be here for awhile. He got too wavy on this! Straight Sauce!

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