Wes Lee – Fo a Minute // Pitch In on a Party @WESLEEFROMFC

Wes Lee’s “Fo a Minute // Pitch In on a Party” is a split-track video directed by Wes himself. The first track embraces a harder, trap sound while the second track counters with a more laid-back, melodic tune over a groovy DJ Quik instrumental. The videos are meant to be comedic but stylish, and the music speaks for itself.

Wes Lee is a 21-year-old rapper, comedian, and filmmaker out of Southwest Michigan. His focus in the last couple years has shifted more toward his comedy and filmmaking endeavors, but he has still maintained a love for creating hip-hop music. Wes has just recently released a split-track music video for a couple of his older songs (“Fo a Minute” and “Pitch In on a Party”) and has strung together a 19 track “collection” on Soundcloud that he believes showcases his best musical work over the years.

He currently heads a little-known comedy group, “No Authority”, who produce self-funded comedy sketches as well as more serious short films that have all been directed by Wes himself. These comedic aspects are infused in his image and brand but are only subtly found in his music which inclines him to be taken seriously as an artist yet still take a more playful, young-audience appealing approach.

Though Wes hasn’t received any notable fame, he has acquired a small, local following over the years with a little over 1,000 followers on twitter and over 300k listens on Soundcloud. He has even opened up for big name artists including Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. There’s definitely a lot of potential here, and Wes continues to work on bringing his variety of creative ideas to life.

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