Ortis Salvatore Ft Trayce Chapman – UPnUP @OrtisSalvatore

“UPnUP” is the single that bubbled to the top of Ortis Salvatore summer album “Room2Grow.”
If you haven’t seen the Matrix the significance of this song and video is not lost on you. After taking the blue pill from Morpheus played here by Dramatone, Ortis is dropped in the Matrix. With agents trying to keep him down Ortis learns to fly in the final scene, everything “UPnUP”. Featured artist Trayce Chapman plays the all knowing Oracle in s very smooth way. This is the only single off Ortis Salvatore’s summer album “Room2Grow” but it packs a punch.

Ortis Salvatore is a nice guy with chill, ethereal beat-selection and an introspective flow that zones you out tough. As one of the few young guys in Denver making use of conscious rap and the more thoughtful side of hip-hop, he’s definitely worth scoping. You’ll easily unearth some choice cuts.

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