Kenji x Young Syrup – Habla @Kenji_FP

Kenji, but to most known for his distinctive nickname “Sabi!”, got heat ready to release for the streets. After working hard all 2018, the NJ native blessed the trap with his “Sabi Tapes Vol.1” before the year ended. Now he’s ready and is dropping his latest visual with The Prince Of Darkness Young Syrup with “Habla”. Both known for their different styles they come to collab on this unique record in the heart of Hollywood with a theatrical production by Cito On The Beat. As we wait for more drops this year, this video is sure to keep us in tune for what else Kenji will have in store for 2019.

Kenji, also known as Sabi, is a songwriter and music artist. Born in Hoboken, raised in Union City, New Jersey, he comes from a Spanish and Japanese heritage which is where he gets his name Kenji from.

Sabi started rapping in 2008 but didn’t drop his first mixtape till 2012 in “THE EPIDEMIC” where he collaborated with Whoelze The Producer. They both went on to drop two other mixtapes after that called “I Am Supreme” And “Ori-Kami” where he landed his first feature with Mr. Trap Queen Fetty Wap in the song “Trap No More”. After That Kenji has continued to collaborate with artist from Rich The Kid to Manolo Rose with Production from Cito On The Beat and many other talented producers.

in 2017 he dropped his biggest mixtape “The Gospel Of Trap” which was distributed through Priorities Records. Fully produced By Cito On The Beat It Featured Artist from Young Syrup out of Brooklyn to Fuegogamo. Followed by his latest Sabi Tapes Vol.1 In 2018 he continues to improve his music. Expect new singles, new videos from Kenji along with his label HU$TLE COUNTY RECORDS in 2019.

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