ELJAY – My Party @eljay344

“My Party” is ELJAY’s first single of 2019. This energetic and atmospheric song + video shows ELJAY in a new light, more put together and grown up as an artist then ever before. This song is inspired by the current trends in trap whilst still remaining true to ELJAY’s style which has gained him his core fanbase. He hopes to reach a more mainstream hip-hop audience with this release.

ELJAY is a 21-year-old artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He first developed a passion for music, specifically hip hop, at an early age and has been writing songs as long as he can remember. His style is an elevated version of most popular rap these days, blending catchy hooks and earworm melodies with multi-syllable flows and traditional storytelling verses. He possesses massive mainstream appeal with the ability to produce a wide range of song types for both easy listeners and core fans alike.

This range is showcased on his first two projects where songs like “24/7”, “No Coming Home”, and “Sounds like Money” have smash hit choruses coupled with heavy beats fit for any party setting. In contrast to this, songs such as “Overfaded”, “Decade” and “SMILE” show his versatility as a story teller and his ability to appeal to a softer, more pop/mainstream listening audience. He has grown a cult organic following around Toronto and within just two years has developed a very impressive buzz in the city.

He has had two successful projects, an entire tour and amassed solid streaming numbers with no management, label, or even Spotify playlist support. He is currently looking to take his music and brand to the next level.

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