Dwayne Ft Hunter Ocho – Garden of Eves @DwaynesToBlame @HunterOcho88

“Garden of Eves” explores the broken minds of Dwayne and Hunter Ocho as they explain their struggles with sin, suicide, relationships and grinding without reward. The director, Trey Ferguson, brings this story to the visual surface with intense scenes and well crafted effects.

Dwayne is a 21 year old DIY artist out of Atlanta, GA making music since he was 16. With various influences from all genres, Dwayne shies away from the title of being a “rapper”. Dwayne takes pride in his writing of catchy melodies and lyrics with substance pertaining to the highs and lows of his life. He considers himself a loner and a perfectionist, making all of his music in his dorm taking his time to develop a sound that makes him feel whatever emotion he desperately seeks. Dwayne is on an uphill climb to being a well received artist as his streams and performances keep multiplying!

Hunter Ocho is an artist out of Northwest Georgia blending emotional guitar instrumentals with lyrics pulled from all aspects of his life. Ocho tries to make his music appealing to people with tastes in all genres. Overall, he is speaking about things he has seen, felt, and dealt with in his life, all in hopes of making music people can relate to.

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