Dope Da Vinci – Last Year Being Broke @Dopedavinci509

Music is art and art is music for artist Dope Da Vinci. An artist out of North Miami Beach, Florida who fell in love with the art of lyricism because it served as an escape for him. Being born in Haiti and moving to the states at the age of one he feels like he is more American than the ones that are born here but in his eyes he feels like ” you can only play the cards that you was dealt”. Despite everything he was able to drop his debut project “Full Court Press” November 10th 2017. The name “Full Court Press” came from his love for basketball and his refusal to “take no L” attitude despite the score and or situation.

His influences are T.I, Dwayne Wade and Daymond John. Reason being because the came from nothing and made no excuses. Now, because of it they all are on top of the respective industries and you gotta pay them there respect for that. That’s the same way Dope Da Vinci wants it to be at the end of the day. Him knowing it’s there just drives him to find the light at the end of the tunnel. His other motivation comes from the struggle of his mom. After all she’s been through and done for him he feels like its time to repay the big lump sum of debt owed to her.

His new video, “Last Year Being Broke”, puts the struggle at the forefront.

“Last Year Being Broke” is the title track to my forthcoming album. This video shows the hunger and also sets the mentality of how we are moving forward. The song, project title and concept came from the struggles off my previous year. That feeling of never having enough, that feeling of being stuck, I wanted to change my mentality and those around me that one day we would see the light at the end of the tunnel and that we would not be stuck in the mud for ever and I wanted to uplift me and those around me into thinking like that and repeating this statement.

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