Chad Bussa – Tennis R0dman @ChadBussa

“Tennis R0dman” is an audio/visual representation of one of Chad Bussa’s many different personas. The hard hitting bassline matched with his eclectic flow fits perfectly for the visual.

Chad Bussa is a Nigerian-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in New Jersey from Nigerian immigrant parents, he was introduced to music at a young age when he learned to play the saxophone in the local jazz band. Leveraging his musical foundation in jazz and inspiration by artists such as NERD, ‪Kanye West‬, Max B and ‪Outkast‬.

Chad Bussa has been able to turn his craft and upbringing into a lifestyle, giving him the opportunity to share the same stage as many major artists. He grew up playing tennis competitively up to an international level and looked to music as a source of motivation on and off the court. Chad is best known for his eccentric vocal style, high energetic presence, and eclectic taste in fashion.

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