Virginia’s Troy Blake Taps Into the Pitfalls of Love In Hot New Record “Toxic” @troyblake5

Toxic has never sounded so beautiful. Hampton, Virginia music artist Troy Blake gives us a record we can all relate to with lyrics that really hit home. As a cherry on top, the production underneath the lyrics is upbeat and will have you moving to its grooviness.
Troy Blake is not your regular rapper or singer as he is extremely talented and versatile. At only 23, he has already built a solid name for himself in the music game as one of the most promising acts to come out of VA. At first it was for fun, but when his father passed away it pushed him to add his heart and soul to his craft. He is very different and makes music everyone can enjoy. His music is not your regular trap, guns and money music. He has relatable stories to tell and even through the darkest subjects, his music brings light.

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