(Video) Focused – Cool Cats @FocusedRap

Focused, testifying of the artist’s personal work drive, has been advocating up for change and deeper engagement in the rap scene since 1999. A smooth, but surprising and motivating sound that questions issues of relevance in today’s political and social climate, Focused’s unique approach to 90s rap and low fi infused with jazz, has always stayed current and in constant evolution through each new project. “The rapper, in a way, is like the street reporter”. Songwriter, vocalist and producer, the goal has always been to stay focused on the music, and how its vibrations can take you out of the five-sense world we live in.

In his latest project, ‘Bad Meat Lp’, Focused wanted to test his darker side and flirt with certain issues, therefore geared the album towards more personal moments of his life. “The meaning is mostly self expression, questioning authority, being yourself, taking risks in life and following your passion and gut feeling”.

‘Cool Cats’ is the second release from ‘Bad Meat Lp’. Upbeat, with its jazz attitude and catchy hook, Focused is responding to online critics of his art. “Cool Cats, Sit back relax, study your ancestors listen to the past”. ‘Cool Cats’ is about taking it easy and looking at what has already been done before, combating critics and to never take yourself so seriously as an artist. For the most part, Focused does everything himself: producing, rapping, writing, but also shooting his own videos and editing them. The stop motion video was done with $0 budget and shows off his raw talent as a videographer and editor. In the video, the little green alien guy is looking through archives and studying Focused performances and songs, the chill king from art school, who knows his stuff and keeps it weird.

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