[Video] Ayo.! Ciera – On The Phone (Produced by Big E Beatz) @Ayociera1990

The song is about getting money in a hype way. It’s about being on the phone doing business with the plug. Everybody now a days gotta plug for something, from drugs to foodstamps to weave. This song is just simply saying like the money calling and I gots to go get to it.

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Hailing from Lakeland, Polk County, Fl, Chelsea Ciera Better known as Ayo.! Ciera is an up and coming hidden jewel musician waiting to be heard by music lovers everywhere. Ayo.! Ciera, 28, is currently working on more musical content to complete her first EP, “Overlooked Underrated” which includes “On The Phone” which is currently being streamed on major music sight like Spotify and Apple Music along with “Right Now”.

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