[Single] Juliano – Tired (Prod by Tez Starks Of The Administration) @Juliano_zone6


[Single] Juliano – Tired (Prod by Tez Starks Of The Administration)

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Literally born on the floor and raised in poverty in East Atlanta’s Kirkwood Zone 6, life was never easy for Juliano. Growing up in a drug infested neighborhood, and living in low income housing with a rather large family whom had the lack of financial resources due to having a deadbeat dad, it was easy for him to stray in the wrong direction. Tragic events would occur, while losing a brother to a house fire as well losing another brother to an accidental suicide made it no better for the struggle & only increased the hunger and dedication which made Juliano have to hustle and grind even harder at a very early age by means of partaking in illegal activities.

Along with being kidnapped & shot on numerous occassions, during a lengthy stretch of criminal activities the Kirkwood native is now attempting to give the hip-hop realm a taste of his realities. With the release of music & visuals structured from his experiences, currently Juliano has showcased a very nice portfolio of his craft that can be found on various digital platforms and in the streets of Atlanta Georgia.His previously release Dope Spot EP paints a vivid picture as the truth is being spilled over hard hitting 808s and melodic production from his team The Administration.

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