Shemie Rozay – Billionaire SEZN (Official Video) @shemie_rozay

This is Shemie Rozay’s second video on All Around Money .. Entertainment Group. The second in a series of Smoke turned to Fire lyrics to keep the official emcee respecting the craftsman and the wannabe emcees in line. His never ending “Box in Box out” technic leaves him in his own lane and no match for any emcee to follow. Rozay is the undescribable emcee in the rap game compared to none and never will be. Billionaire SEZN is just a taste of the storm to hit the music industry, to the emcee he’s the impending dream crusher to their throne, to the street hustler or individual he’s tha one to follow. If you wanna get your money right, mind right and ready for more Billionaire SEZN is Tha Blueprint to follow.

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