Rapper Pay3god makes his mark on New York’s budding drill scene with new single “Direction” @Pay3God

The genre-bending artist returns to his New York roots with a classic yet innovative take on a drill track. “Direction”, the rapper’s latest self-produced single, showcases Pay3god’s lyrical ability alongside his talent for hard-hitting beats. Fusing classic New York drill sounds with new wave melodies, the Yonkers artist proves to listeners worldwide that he is not to be counted out.
Pay3god takes the sound of New York City global by reintroducing his signature sound. The versatile rap artist mixes trap beats with lyrical melodies. He sets himself apart from the crowd by seamlessly fusing together genres, gliding through drill, trap, and even R&B. It’s no surprise that Pay3god challenges our ideas on the ever-evolving global drill phenomenon in “Direction”.
As drill music climbs the charts, Pay3god is carving his own lane, and giving listeners a fresh with classic roots.

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