EVERYSECND – ESD3 @everysecnd

“ESD3”, produced exclusively by D3, is a short, 4 track EP. The production is very ominous, and the vocals are extremely smooth. The tracks draw you into the project from the start as it speaks about wanting to make a girl more than just a friend. While EVERYSECND is singing, he is utilizing a hip-hop inspired flow which allows him to fit more words into his verses. This makes the listener wonder throughout the entirety of the project.

While he shrugs off any predictable sense of structure, EVERYSECND artfully meshes graceful harmonies reminiscent of The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, PartyNext Door and Frank Ocean, with the 80’s sensibilities of Michael Jackson. For this emerging MC, it’s all about the narrative and the narrative people hear, which is why to box him in would be to shortchange him.

Being that love is our most powerful emotion and the driving force for life itself, setting the correct vibe is of prime importance for EVERYSECND. His rapper-singer flow gives him the unique ability to switch between tones, moods and genres with seamless precision. Put simply, EVERYSECND is a mastermind. He is one of the few artists that can deliver many of the traditional elements of hip-hop and R&B in an authentic way, which makes him worthy of the attention he receives.

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