BAN$HEE – BLAIR WTCH @fuckmebanshee

“BLAIR WTCH” by BAN$HEE IS A very grim, dark, lo-fi rap project that contains 12 songs
that go thru drug addiction, being stuck in the PNW and the loss of his fellow best friend, Kalpa aka missyu.

Born and raised in Vancouver, WA 21 y/o rapper “BAN$HEE” first emerged with his Debut project “The Roots of Witchcraft” in 2015 and has been releasing music consistently since then. BAN$HEE puts his own spin on tradition hip hop/soundcloud rap through his use of dark lyrics, monotone delivery, and select choice of sinister lo-fi production. Collaborating with other artists and producers such as paintitblues, lil chvnel, grimmdoza, skepsis and fellow LSP affiliates shows that when it comes to music, his reach and diversity shows no bounds.

His most recent and standout project “BLAIR WTCH” (2018) honors and features deceased LSP member “kalpa/missyu” on the track “872” using a pre-recorded verse before the time of his unfortunate passing. The majority of the tracks on the project deal with BAN$HEES’s inner feelings/struggles trying to make the most out of his time while still breathing. Tracks such as “AR15” (ft. prxphet) “CHEST PAIN” (ft. mochie) and “BLI$$” (ft. theresnotmmrw”) provide a change of pace with the lyrics and production being distorted, ignorant, and braggadocios. While still residing in hometown, your are more likely to catch BAN$HEE preforming in the downtown area of Portland, OR. Always ensuring that he is giving it his all when it comes to pushing his art and music forward.

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