(Audio) Saugasson – NF @saugasson

Saugasson is a young and upcoming hip hop artist from Mississauga, Ontario. His musical endeavours consist of singing, rapping, songwriting, and producing. A complete act, Saugasson strives to be more than just successful in music, but also to be known as a multi-talented artist who cares about his craft, in continuous evolution. He is influenced by many artists, including but not limited to, Xxxtentacion, Drake, PartyNextDoor, Croosh and many more. As Saugasson releases more music, he shows growth and passion for both the music itself and the stories he tells.

Saugasson is currently working on his first album, ‘Ms’ Karter’, set to be released in December. “My sound has escalated, and been fine tuned. Filled with true feelings and experiences, I love each song I made for this album.” Live, Saugasson is known for his contagious energy, bringing the crowds to higher levels.

‘NF’ will be Saugasson’s first single of 2018. The R&B track combines catchy hooks and bold lyrics, with Saugasson’s classic hip hop flare. “With this single, I want people to get hyped, and use the music as motivation to Never Fail.”

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