(Audio) Rohan – “Leave Me Alone”

Toronto RnB rising star Rohan releases his single “Leave Me Alone,” with a super catchy hook that instantly has you singing along. The song expresses the inner/outer dialogues we all have with ourselves and the ones we find ourselves with, the ones closest to us. It’s got a pop structure with a Lo-Fi R&B/Hip-Hop touch, appealing to many ears. The song gives you that interpretation of the “angel” on one shoulder and “devil” on the other, giving you that back forth battle of which side to choose. In today’s social media era, especially this generation, everyone has mastered being an “antisocial extroverts.” They want to connect but are justifiably afraid of judgment, criticism & not feeling good enough, so they/we often turn to drugs, peer pressure & vices to fill the emptiness and chaotic thoughts. Sometimes it’s best to leave these negative influences behind and give yourself space, even sometimes from yourself, which comes back to the hook of “leave me alone.” Gradually releasing singles since October 2018, Rohan has quickly grown over 1 Million streams Worldwide and is now gearing up for his first official EP titled “Stay Off The Internet.”

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