(Audio) King Braize – Devilish @KingBraize

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Sometimes something that feels so good can be so wrong. With his new track “Devilish” King Braize gives us the “double edged” story of how intense forbidden sexual attraction can be, especially if its wrapped in a beautiful brown body.

As a kid out of Newark, NJ, King Braize took to hustling early and has turned it into an empire. Braize is CEO of Krown Movement, and has taken a number of artists under his creative wings. His resume speaks for itself; with five solo projects under his belt and endless features, Braize is known for his lyrical wordplay and out of the box concepts; and his latest “Devlish” is no different.

Braize taps into some adult content on “Devilish” as he describes the perks of having mind control over a woman’s body, mind, and ultimately her bank out. While he could have kept it one sided, Braize doesn’t come out of the story unscathed. His attempt to “having his cake and eating it too” doesn’t pan out to well.

Braize is setting to drop more music for the summer to keep up with him, check out his website at www.KingBraize.com or download the King Braize App.

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