(Audio) Cashanova (We Alike)’ @TheRealCityy

Fifcitydreams, a young up-and-coming artist from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) that is quickly making a name for himself across Canada after recently stepping into the limelight. He focuses on writing music not only for himself and as a form of deep and personal self expression, but for the people. With the word ‘City’ included in his name to represent that he is all about his city, and the people in it, Fifcitydreams is striving to make a positive difference through music to not only those around him – but to everyone that his music reaches around the world.

‘Cashanova (We Alike)’ with clever hooks and a powerful message, is the artist’s newest single. The song, which will be part of his upcoming album, aims to reach listeners on a deeper level, having them discover new feelings and create a unique experience for anyone that listens to it. This new track that blends pop and hip hop is a high energy, feel-good song with lyrics written directly from the heart that listeners can easily relate to. With his inspiration coming from everyday life moments, struggles and experiences; Fifcitydreams writes to both express himself musically and connect with his fans on a deeper emotional level with a powerful theme of pushing forward to follow your dreams and living without regret. This new single has set the stage for big things on the way. “Never be afraid to say what’s on your mind because not saying anything means you are choosing to see the world fall” – Fifcitydreams

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