(MIXTAPE) Thurgo Kush – Crop Out @thurgohmmg

With his third mixtape of the year in Crop Out, Detroit artist Thurgo Kush truly shows dedication to his musical craft. “Putting in the work,” as he tells it, is important to Kush, and it’s evident all through this project both lyrically and musically. His rhymes are fun, creative, and occasionally hard-hitting, especially on the closing track “Colored Diamonds,” where Kush talks about outlasting all the rappers who got into the game at the same time as him.

Other standouts on the project include “Trigger Finger,” where Kush and Flint artist Sparrow play off each other impressively over a more stripped-down backing track, and “MM,” on which the production really shines, providing the listener with an interesting background melody that blends perfectly with the vocals. Production on this album was done by Jr 808, Reul Stop Playin, Trap Mafia, Peso, Pipe Up Hoodrich, and 810 Jay; the album was also engineered by Chapo Escobar. Owing to stellar work by all of these contributors, the tracks all fit together nicely but are also distinct enough from each other to leave lasting impressions.

When asked about this project, Kush said he really believes “you reap what you sow,” and that he treats his work like crops (specifically, weed, which is referenced both in his name and in the project multiple times), referring to the title of the mixtape. Much like difficult-to-grow but ultimately worthwhile crops, Crop Out demonstrates its creator’s commitment to grinding until his work is the best it can be, leading to a great harvest in the listening experience it will surely provide to rap fans looking for an upcoming artist to support.

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