TENJIN – The Cost @TenjinMusic

Inspired by true events “The Cost” from TENJIN depicts a loving father sending a message to his son who is currently serving in the military, only to in the process, find out that his son is never coming back. When asked about the song, TENJIN said he wrote it in the hopes that the song will serve as a reminder that soldiers are human beings prone to ups and downs, just like everybody else, and that we must support them during, and after serving our country.

TENJIN is one half of the Intrinsic Harmony Music duo, who are aspiring music writers and entertainers from Detroit, MI. With a style that fuses lyricism with the more contemporary sound of Hip-Hop, He tells a different story on every song, capturing the world surrounding him, and sharing it with others in hopes of finding a common ground through music and the culture.

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