Stefan James – Survivor @stefanjmes

“Survivor” from recording artist Stefan James is a song that is about the art of surviving and thriving in situations that you need to exceed in. Never letting back and never letting your guard down on anything.

Stefan James is a person who’s trying to make a change with his music. Trying to make music that can relate to the masses and appeal to many different people no matter where you come from. I am a person who wants to tell stories of what I personally went through and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what is to come and what I can show people with my music as well. I believe people should care about me because I have something to prove to the world and to others that music can make you feel certain things.

Music can change your life and aspire you to do and enjoy it for what it is. That’s what he plans to do and hopes to do with the music he creates. I hope people will love and cherish my music as much as I do making it for people to listen to it. The only satisfaction I truly need from music is someone telling me my music helped them or it’s very good, that’s why you should care about Stefan James. He’s here to pleasure you with a genre I like to call vibe-hop.

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