Starfire – How Does It Feel? @ItsStarfire_

“How Does It Feel?” is extremely special to Starfire because she had complete creative control, from the beat to the lyrics. The beat was produced for her in the studio with live guitar where she wrote from Kurt Cobain’s eyes if he were still with us today. She touches on heroin addiction, repetitive lifestyle and leaving the one you love while going on tour. At the end she even took some lyrics from “Heart Shaped Box” delivering it completely different to make it her own.

Starfire was raised in Michigan but moved to Chicago for college. After being an assistant for a rapper in Broward she figured out her sound and how to create original songs. She got her name from friends teasing her about consistantly having red hair. She performed at SXSW then took a break from music for about a year and dropped out of school. Now she is back stronger than before delivering alternative cadence with her vocals over guitar and trap beats alike. She is paving her own way with an unidentifiable genre that stands out and is truly her own.

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