One who May Ascend™ – Keep Talkin @OnewhoMayAscend

One who May Ascend™ lets so called slick talkers know that all of the foul talk sooner or later finds its way back to his ears. So go ahead and “Keep Talkin”, OMA has something for you.

Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), arrived on this planet in Madison, Tennessee in June, 1994. Raised in Tennessee, New York, and Texas, OMA’s style is – to say the least – unique. With intricate lyrical content and concepts that can only be explained by some level of divine intervention, OMA has many titles, among them: leader, lyricist, martial artist, entrepreneur, underdog, and philosopher, but above all, he is a human being.

In the beginning of his musical career, OMA was unfamiliar with rap sensations such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, or Eminem, but after hearing an exhibition from one of the local rap artists, OMA developed a keenness for poetry in its rhythmic form. OMA saw emcees as people of struggle, people with unique life experience – not unlike his own condition – relating their stories and those experiences to the rest of the world. OMA greatly admired their skill, openness, and bravery in which they shared their lives and ideas to an imperfect world. Intrigued, the teenager delved into the world of hip-hop, and in doing so, he discovered a newfound peace which he had never known in expressing himself through his music – without limitations, and without restrictions, and for the first time, without fear.

Finding sanction in a new world of creativity, One who May Ascend’s music harbors the same essential principles instilled in him at an early age such as: perseverance, excellence, self-awareness, as well as his less pleasant personal experiences; such as feeling lost, empty, and at times, hopelessness, all in attempt to educate the global community of the human race’s inter-connections in hopes of a better tomorrow.

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