Omni Clutch Ft The Sadgen – Unbroken @bateauj

Omni Clutch was born in West Palm Beach, FL the year 1998 and is currently 20 years old. Clutch grew up with no father only his mom and two siblings growing up Omni played football and ran track Omni has always had a thing for poetry and his English teachers loved him for it they would always say his flow of words are amazing Clutch graduated class of 2016 at Park Vista High School in Lake Worth, Florida and attended college briefly but decided it wasn’t for him.

Omni never knew he would be into making music till he saw that his friends were doing it and wanted to try it too. He faced a very hard loss in February 2018 he lost his mom to stage four Breast Cancer this loss is what made Omni take music more seriously. He’s hard working and has a no quit attitude.

His latest single, “Unbroken”, featured The Sadgen. Here’s what Omni Clutch had to say about it.

This song hits very deep I feel like it has a soul because growing up, I feel like I was a hopeless romantic. I’d always go out my way to please some girl but eventually realizing that I gotta do me. I really don’t need what I thought I did through all of that. I remain “Unbroken” and ready to move forward.

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