Monsieur Leisure Ft Substance – In N Out @monsieurleisure

“In N Out” is a melancholic ode to the things we do to love and be loved. Written and performed by Monsieur Leisure and Substance, this single encapsulates the early stages of their long distance relationship. Their back and forth dialogue nestled over foxwedding’s airy production makes for a somber tale of distant lovers and their attempt at living their lives apart and together for short forevers.

“In n out of town but you’re never really ‘round” is the line that drove the song from its conception to completion. The neighboring lyrics convey their travel (and social drug) habits in which they lose themselves to the nomadic life in search of temporary happiness. “You keep sendin’ addys but you can’t find yourself now, you can hold your liquor but you can’t hold yourself down,” portrays their masochistic lifestyle. It’s a nod to the idea that we’re constantly looking for something in the wrong places.

If the verse was their dialogue through Facetime and texts, the bridge can be seen as the climax in which they finally come face to face. Leisure and Substance end their synopsis with a reference to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali.”

Los Angeles-based artist Monsieur Leisure is a genre melding artist that creates at a melancholic frequency. His early interest in music production and writing propelled him into the digital world where he began taking interest in photography, motion pictures and design. Leisure developed his interests in to skills that lead to his role as the Art Director for a multi million dollar men’s fashion brand. Today in the music realm he bridges digital design with his sonic creations for a unified and visually stimulating brand story.

Leisure’s brand is driven by conflict in young adulthood and the accompanying high times that plague our nostalgic minds. Lyrics penned and shaped from his experiences through relationships, narcissistic tendencies and the ups and downs of drug experimentation are delivered over vibey electronic synths and pensive chords.

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