JoeCat – More Than Rich @JoeCattt

“More Than Rich” is the lead single off of “Dreams over Dollars 2” from JoeCat, an album series entirely produced by Bat Gang Beats (a french producer from the Caribbean who is the cousin of CashMoneyAp) This song has easily become my best performing track in the span of a month. This song will have a music video later in the year.

Joseph Anthony Reyna (born April 20, 1993), better known by his stage name JoeCat, is an American songwriter/vocalist/arranger from Harlingen, Texas. In 2008, Reyna created the iDream Music Label (also a publisher) in hopes of elevating the meaning behind today’s music.

On a journey uncovering his Spanish lineage, with an initial passion for hip-hop dancing and beat-boxing, Influenced by 90’s boy bands, Reyna was winning talent shows in his early years at grade school. At 16, he hit the airwaves on South Texas radio stations. He credits the hostile region he was raised in as a critical catalyst for his eloquent lyricism. By age 21, his music was featured on MTV’s “Girl Code” and “Off The Bat”.

His inspiration would soon transpire from his love for 70’s funk being synonymous with the origins of early hip-hop. He’s amassed around 35k Shazams (majority being Russia), his music has appeared on various MTV shows, in the NBA, and Tony Hawk’s “The Ride Channel. After being vocally trained and learning the legal aspects of the music industry, he won Best Original Song at the CC7D Film Festival — and then The Battle of Corpus Christ hosted by HotZ 95, was a top artist on & featured in Music Connection — as well as, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

He is currently a full time DJ in Corpus Christi, TX recording out of the business he’s helped his bestfriend build, Toshi Studios. He’s been an advocate on educating artists on the monetary side of the music industry, while also managing to host local shows. He is going on his first tour with Chxpo in Texas. He’s currently planning a tour with Zak DownTown & Mark Battles. He’s just released a song with Trill Sammy and dropping a song with Rockie Fresh in February.

He began speaking on how the creative industry can effect the corporate landscape and is booked for $2,000 per event as a Keynote speaker. He writes articles for the city on live entertainment and manages rap group ‘Charisma’ part-time. He’s hoarded music for the last 3 years and attempting to release new music every week for 2019.

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