Connor Anderson – Proceed @connoranderscum

Connor Anderson has been making waves on the underground since his breakout release on Soundcloud “Forgive & Forget” in Summer 2018. Since then, he’s been able to grow a steady fan base of people who not only believe in his vision, but connect with his music on a deeper level. Born and raised in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Connor is no stranger to diverse tastes in music. It’s because of this that he’s able to lay down harmonious melodies as well as display his rhyming efforts in a seemingly easy fashion. Growing up, his main musical influences ranged from Blues & Punk Rock to Hip-Hop & Folk. Connor is constantly expanding his musical palette and doesn’t shy away from new sounds. Recently being labeled as a “prolific” rising artist in the underground, he knows the pressure is on; and loves every second of it.

His latest song, titled “Proceed”, is what you could call a feel good life lesson. Connor goes into greater detail pertaining to the single.

This song basically chronicles the struggles of dealing with people who think they know what’s best for you. About dealing with people who will always doubt you. I guess the tone of the song subtly suggest that people have a certain level of perfection that they either constantly strive for, or are believing they’re living. The tone that I try to introduce is that we’re all human. Life’s too short to be caught up in the system of pondering our desirable decisions. We should just make them.

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