Churvin – Take You With Me @ssmultiplayer

Churvin (born and raised in Napier, New Zealand) started making music in 2007, got picked up by an independent record label in 2011 and was flown to America in 2012. Sadly Hurricane Sandy begun at the end of this journey and from there things went downhill for himself and the label.

From there onward Churvin was snapped back to reality and started working full time as a gas pump assistant. Luckily that didn’t detour his aspirations to become as successful artist, but rather shaped a more grateful person. Churvin still works as a barista and in his most recent work produced by Kxnjji you can see his outlook on life has been reflective of the calming lyrics and sound of “Take You With Me”.

Churvin uses a combination of his own and other artists ideas to create music of a nostalgic nature with modern attributes. Whether it’s his original creations that grab your attention or his ability to take something you used to listen to as a kid fit on your current playlist, Churvin has something for almost everyone to appreciate.

This song is about friendship and being yourself. Kxnjjis music production adds a calm lofi vibe to accommodate the words of this track perfectly. The soothing hook “Take you with me” resonates with you and you find yourself singing along.

I made this song while my friend was going through a stage of his life where he sadly wasn’t going to and didn’t make it he passed on. He got to hear this track before that moment surrounded by his friends and family and I can only imagine how special that must have been for him.

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